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I did it.

I finished the rough draft of my manuscript. I finished my novel

It’s currently sitting at about 77,450 words, which is about 500 words more than the first Harry Potter book—a good length for a book aimed at older children/young adults. It’s 16 chapters long, give or take a few sub-chapters that I’m shuffling in and out of places as the story dictates. The ending doesn’t have the zing or pull that I want, the characters became increasingly flat as I continued writing, and I contradict myself a lot of times and leave a lot of plot holes.

BUT. The story itself is done. The bones are really good, and with some editing, it’ll be a solid story. I love my characters, I love where this journey has taken them, and I can’t wait to start polishing them and making them come to more vibrant life.

But for now? I’m letting this rest and age so that I can take to editing it with new eyes. And also celebrating tonight by getting drinks because I can.

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