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I’ll marry a man who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which.



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Wtf is this

my motto


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oh my god who fucking cares

anyone who’s been on this site longer than 5 minutes (via fuck-benedict)  
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Why bring back old memes when we can back this song?


2004 is calling me… whispering

numa numa yay

the funny thing about this is I sincerely have followers that were born in the same month i discovered this flash video on newgrounds

fuuccckk I completely erased all memory of newgrounds.

Oh my god it’s back. This is one of my favourite things, if only because my Grandmum loves it so much. I can just start singing it and mimicking the video, and she’ll start laughing so hard she has to take her glasses off because she’s crying. It’s beautiful.

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sherriffbigby Questions?:

What are your opinions on blogs set out to bash tattoos. I don't mean the idea of them, just calling them shitty artwork in some cases. Or do you not pay attention to them? (As I should have done about mine.)



Personally I’m opposed to anything that exists solely to be shitty. It’s a waste of everything, time, bandwidth, energy, pixels, all of it.

It’s one thing if it’s tattoo artists submitting their work to other tattooists for peer critiques - that’s something I could understand. It’s constructive, the artists are asking for it, and the people critiquing it actually understand the challenges that person faced.

If it’s just some regular dildo preaching from atop his keyboard because he “knows good ink” his opinion is worth fuckall.

For one if you don’t tattoo you don’t know dick about tattooing. No. Stop. You don’t. Once you can do a clean tattoo you can formulate an opinion on how that shit works. Until then I’m not going to take anything they say seriously.

For two - There’s no reason to fuck with people who are happy with their tattoos, people sometimes excitedly show me tattoos I think are butt fucking ugly and I smile and congratulate them because I’m not the person wearing it. If the person with the tattoo loves it that’s the inarguable end of that story. Bam. Done.

For threeee it’s forever tasteless to critique something when you were not asked to. This applies to art, ladies, weight, pretty much everything.

Everyone be nice is what I’m trying to say I think.

If a possibly unpopular opinion is welcome, I do think there are a few things that deserve to be called out if spotted (though don’t necessarily warrant entire blogs dedicated to them) because they’re detrimental  as a whole and can reflect badly on tattoo artists as a whole. A lot of fyeah-type tattoo blogs accept things like stick ‘n poke or garage tattoos, which should be discouraged at all costs, not celebrated— a tattoo done in an unsanitary environment by someone who isn’t professional can lead to serious infections. This site has a lot of teenage users that see that kind of thing and will attempt to do it themselves; it’s behavior that should be called out to prevent kids from getting bad ideas into their heads. You don’t want to wind up with a 16-year-old needing a finger removed because she wanted to ink a mustache onto it. The fact that there are entire blogs on this site glorifying stick ‘n poke frightens me.

There’s also a lot of stolen artwork— people pulling images off google search and paying another artist money to draw it for them on their body; ie, someone capitalizing off another artist’s work. “It’s my body” stops being an excuse when someone else is being hurt by it, and while there’s really not a lot you can do once it’s on skin, I think it should still be actively discouraged.

But that said the entire blogs are kind of unnecessary, mostly because a lot of them focus less on safety and good community reflection and more on “lol dandelions you’re dumb”.

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Theo Jansen  Strandbeest

Side note: These don’t have motors. They’re completely momentum/wind-powered and literally just wander around beaches unsupervised like giant abstract monsters.


These are so cool.

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in all my years of fic reading

this remains my favorite tag i’ve ever seen on a fic


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  1. lightandwinged said: I’m glad you’re starting to feel better!


As much as I say that husband had to drag me kicking and screaming to the hospital, I’m happy that he did because I was able to actually get up and walk around outside today the first time in a while.

Only downside so far is my legs feel like noodles.

The noodle legs were fun the time I threw out my back and lived on the third floor in our school’s oldest dorm. So. Many. Stairs.

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The Frog Lobster Prince

((^larger version linked))

this is a weird picture but I committed to it so here you go lol

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dimedog replied to your post: perkprincess said:Let’s be honest…

those posts about characters that disregard the writer’s wishes ect ect creep the hell outta me. you are responsible for what your character does. If they do something fucked up, its on YOU when people get upset

Like I am 300% behind (and will shove down anybody’s throat who doesn’t get it) that IC is not OOC, but that doesn’t completely divorce the player from the character. The player is still completely in control of what the character does, says, wears, thinks, eats, everything. And as a writer, you have an audience, and I think there’s some level of responsibility in making sure that your audience is comfortable or happy with what you’re creating.

I think one of the best examples I can think of was our ex-friend and old SWTOR GM, whose character had severe trust issues and also control issues. It was bad enough that meant a lot of reclusive RP on his part that made guild interaction difficult, but when he found out my character was in disguise and not really who he said he was, his reaction was to throw all of the characters off their ship entirely (while some were scattered) and lock himself in it and have a massive emotional crisis. When we told him, OOC, that this would make guild RP even more difficult than it already was, he threw a complete tantrum and accused us of trying to drive his character in a certain direction and this is absolutely what the character would do, no compromises, no breaking character.

Son, that means you’ve written a bad character that’s not good for collaborative storytelling. You can always fathom another way for things to go. The character is not in control.

Same goes for people trying to write ~edgy~ characters with ~dark humor~ or ~cuh-razy tendencies~ that sit around making offensive jokes or put other characters into non-con situations.


This very same player got mad at me for wanting to bring my character (who had been romantically involved with his) back from retirement without his character because, “HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE HER EVER NOT EVER NEVER” or something along those lines. And he threw a huge tantrum about it and didn’t speak to me for several days and then took our “sometimes you should break character for other people’s comfort levels” advice to an extreme and basically spent the next ~5 months RPing his character in ways he thought would make my character happy, when really, all she wanted was for him to go away.

And THEN he blew up at me AGAIN because “I’m doing all of this for you, I’m completely miserable, but your happiness is more important!” and UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH


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Anonymous Questions?:

dirty confession: i'm a teacher and my ex had a teacher fantasy so i'd talk math formulas before we did the do and after a while I was curious so i said the quadratic formula in public and he automatically got a boner and we broke up because i thought it was really funny and wouldn't stop doing it





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perkprincess Questions?:

Let's be honest though, it feels a whole lot less embarrassing to call them muses rather then RP characters.



But it doesn’t make any sense god dammit the muses were inspiration and the drive to create or learn or perform. Calling somebody your muse implies that they’re the person who inspires you to do those things; they drive you, not the other way around. Calling an OC a muse is so weird because they’re the product of your inspiration and creation and you control what they do; they have no power or influence over your actions. You don’t invent muses, muses are a force that make you invent hnnnnnnnghhhhghg.

Also the word mun apparently stands for mundane, implying the boring person behind the charming and amazing fantasy they’ve written but like— it came from their mind?? IT IS THEM? I HATE THESE TERMS AND I AM GETTING VERY UNNECESSARILY HEATED ABOUT THEM.

It just brings to mind all those posts by bad writers talking about how their character just ~does things~ that they don’t want them to do and now they’re uncomfortable like no you fucking potatobrain you’re the writer you made them do that, you put them in the position to make that decision.

I would just like to say that 100% of a character’s actions are the product of the player’s imagination.  Please don’t try to say your character is out of your control.  They aren’t.  

(Please especially don’t use this excuse to try to brush off criticism of a character’s behavior.  I mean seriously I hate seeing ‘my character is craaaaazy! on a sugar high! what? you’re asking me to stop because i’m being offensive/obnoxious? but it’s not like I control the character, they just decided to do that! don’t blame me/be mad at me!’)

Ugh yes this especially. 

I’m not particularly fond of the terms “muse” and “mun,” but I don’t really give a fuck if people use them. I do give many fucks if people try to absolve themselves of agency in a situation by saying “LOL IT’S JUST WHAT MY CHARACTER WOULD DO I DON’T CONTROL THEM LOLOL” 

No. They are not real. You do control them. You are still responsible for their actions.

And tangentially, this ties in with the whole “but it’s what my character would doooo!” argument in terms of characters being horrible. No, stop, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. You control your character, and other people’s comfort levels are infinitely more important than your ideas of character integrity.